Our comprehensive land development, drainage and utility design services redefine areas by turning undeveloped properties into dynamic neighborhoods in the DFW area. Barraza Consulting Group’s primary services include Master Planning, Civil Engineering, Surveying, Construction Inspection, and Utility Districts and Public Improvement Districts, and each of these core offerings encompasses an extensive range of value-added services to ensure project success.

Master Planning

Our master planning services start with listening carefully to a client’s vision. Our qualified people bring decades of experience to help define and unify that vision and make feasible, economically viable projects happen – and succeed. We do so by strategizing, assisting in informed decision-making, advocating during the planning, entitlement and permitting processes, optimizing land use and maximizing resources. During this important first step, Barraza Consulting Group provides a wide range of valuable services.

  • Due Diligence
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Entitlements and Regulatory Assistance
  • Planning Applications
  • Public Representation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Grading and Drainage Design
  • Berming
  • Connectivity and Circulation Studies
  • Site Assessment
  • Development Consulting
  • Conditional and Special Use Permits
  • Master Planning and Design
Civil Engineering

Our civil engineers are diligent in adhering to regulations, design standards, schedules and budgets, understanding site constraints and protecting the natural environment as we balance and harmonize the built environment and integrate the project into the community.

Land Development
  • Infrastructure Improvement Plans
  • Fire Master Plans
  • Demolition Plans
  • Project Administrative Management Services
  • Homebuilder Marketing Constructability Maps
  • As-Built / Record Drawings
Water and Wastewater Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure Modeling
  • Water Master Plans
  • Water Pipeline / Facilities Design
  • Wastewater Pipeline / Facilities Design
  • Lift Station Design
  • Utility Coordination
Drainage Design / Watershed Management
  • CLOMR / LOMAR Analysis
  • Hydraulic Calcs / Hydrology Reports
  • Storm Drain Pipeline / Drainage Structures / Channel Design
Water Quality
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Plans
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)
  • Water Quality Management Plans (WQMP)
Construction Bidding / Administration
  • Bidding & Lettings
  • Contract Services
  • Site Inspection
  • Construction Administration
  • Material Selection Review & Approval
  • RFI Response
Land Survey

Experienced surveyors, including Registered Professional Land Surveyors (RPLS), meticulously assess and record land details and essential measurements that impact site development. We utilize the latest tools of technology to ensure accurate recordings and conduct time, cost and labor-efficient surveys. From legal research and documentation to specialized surveying for residential land development, utility districts and public improvement districts, our time-proven expertise and precision in the field gives clients confidence in the accuracy and integrity of Barraza Consulting Group’s robust land surveys.

  • Boundary & A.L.T.A. Surveys
  • Platting
  • GPS/RTK Surveys
  • Easement Preparation
  • Right-of-way Staking
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Vertical Control
  • Land Conveyance Exhibits
  • Legal Descriptions & Exhibits
  • Right-of-way Acquisition Exhibits
  • Construction Staking
Utility Districts and Public Improvement Districts

Barraza Consulting Group enhances communities by providing surveying and civil engineering services to utility districts and public improvement districts. These districts are cornerstones for community development and provide vital services from inception through creation – and beyond – to a fully developed community. To that end, we have public-private partnerships as District Engineer with several state-mandated special utility districts.

We provide a complete solution to enhance health, safety and welfare by helping set development standards, providing cost-effective engineering services and adding value to the district.

  • District Creation
  • Bond Authorization
  • Fire Protections
  • Contract Services
  • Bidding & Letting
  • Construction Administration
  • Site Inspection
  • Special Utility District Administration
  • Special Utility District Bond Sale Administration
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